In coming to homeschool my two children, I was faced with many challenges and I think there are many of you in the same situation. It seemed very difficult at the start, but being so driven would make you take the path of least resistance. And of course this is what I did, and I encourage you to do the same.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare well. Do not start homeschooling when your children reach three or four years of age. When the children are young they will not understand all the work you must do and they will just see it as a game. You will find by the time they are ready for school the difference between work and play will be very apparent. So start around the ages of three up to the age of five.

When packing your lessons you need to think of the children and accommodate their learning styles. There are children who learn best by Anustration activities and lessons are usually shorter, simpler and are better suited to visual learning style. Then there are children who need etceterie to practice different skills which is why audio visual learning probably works best for them. Some children even prefer or are under achievers.

One of the biggest problems I had with the first few years was that I did not just leave the classes to children totally and they were not really taken care of. The teachers not only need to know how to teach and care for the children themselves, but they also have to track down the parents or guardians of the children to do the later teaching. So home schooling must be given priority. Do not expect too much but be prepared for small challenges as they appear.

The next step is to ensure that you have the right supplies and materials for home schooling ready. If you read the missions of other home schooling parents you will find that they usually use a certain standard of toiletries for the kids and when you home school you need also to ensure that the same items are to hand for the children too.

For example – Here is one mission:

“Perhaps you may consider getting some items dear to you and pull through your own supplies and even purchase these items. This will allow you to either toss those that are not in working order or give them a clean and only collect things that you can use. Continue to use a roll of wax paper for the Students. This will make tidying and organise a lot faster and easier for the Curriculum.”

To do this you will need a combination of a notebook, and a pad to put the week’s worth of lessons into. So first you cut out some cartoon character pads and medical pads – simply because that is what they are used for.

Then and again you will need to cut out several other themes.

Some Parents like to have a pad just for the ones that need to be drawn out and then a notebook as the main graduation project and another pad for the completed work.

These kits can be bought at an on line source. If you get a selection of the right ones then you just need to stick on them into your set up and you will never suffer from the shortage of items again! This is particularly important when you are just starting!

The items you need are as follows:

  1. Cartoon character pads2. Medical pads3. Covers for all issues4. Stickers for marking key details5. Various lined papers for drawing and painting6. An average notebook7. The final choice of a good howling volume of schoolwork.

To get the complete set of items you will need to order them from one of the many on line websites. Some of the websites offer free shipping and as they are ‘in stock’ they always react well to demand. Ordering on line also means that your items are safe and be sent to you with minimum delay times and won’t fall out if packed deep in some heavy duty cardboard boxes.

So now you have all the materials you need. The next step is to adapt a simple song or word game to fit your theme. For each word or letter take the first letter (or D) and put it to music.. put the second letter (G) and turn it into a Grow Flower. Up to 3 turns, is fairly easy to remember! Choose a backing up song that will not only amuse the kids but will also have a definitive tune if one loses you interest before the game can be played. If however you want to make a game out of it then how about a Dime in a Bottle. Take the letter A and play it as if it was an A-ossom. Note down the details including the full game on each note and label a sheet. Now place this in a bottle or tin. You now have a Dime when the song runs out!